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PSA: Since when did concert going become a race?


I can’t help but notice when an Ed Sheeran blog pops up on my dash, the most common post i see (other than a picture of Ed) Is a reply to the question, “what time should i get to the show if i want to be front row?”

And the response is usually some ridiculously early time that involves camping out in a tent or sleeping there overnight.

I have the same reaction to every single one of these posts: ARE YOU FUCKING CRAZY?

I’m sorry, but when did concert going become a race to get to the front row? When did we all start caring about geographical location rather than the music? when did it become “normal” to stand in line for a concert overnight? 

is there something that i’m missing? Is that band member going to like jump into the front row and ask you to marry him? Are you hoping you get drenched in their sweat so you never have to shower again? Do you need to see up their noses? Are you trying to actually get onto the stage? Is there some kind of best friend initiation with the performer that if you get there early enough that person will want to be your best friend?? 

The location of where you are during any given show does not matter. I don’t know if you forget this, but you are there for the music. That is not a visual experience unless you’re experiencing synesthesia of some sort. Yes, i get it, it’s fantastic to see your favorite band, but does it really make a difference if you’re 20 feet or 200 feet from them? no. no it doesn’t. 

I think what the problem boils down to is the unrealistic expectations of fans in this day and age. It feels like everyone expects to meet the band, they expect to become best friends with the band, or the girlfriend of the band. Concerts are not about that. That would be a meet and greet.

Concerts are about the music, enjoying the fact that someone that you really enjoy is playing that music for you, near you, live. They are about being with a bunch of people who also enjoy that music, and celebrating the music.

Not about meeting anyone. Not about being in the very front row. Not about becoming their best friend. 

Honestly, it’s almost like people get so offended that they weren’t up front. that the show will be worse because they have to stand in the back. That’s bullshit. That rationale of thinking is exactly what i’m talking about.

Go to a concert. Get there like an hour before so you’re in the door before the openers play, and respect that you are there to listen to music. 

this has been a PSA. If you have any further complaints regarding this post, you can take them up with me, or you can go read the article written by Joe Trohman from Fall Out Boy about why he gets pissed off when fans get pissed off that they couldn’t meet the band. 

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